Alacris’s areas of expertise in recruitment are diversified and tailor made for our clients. We ensure our sincerity so that our clients plans their workforce.
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Officer to Manager
from 12,000 THB+

Alacris services the Recruitment Service in Thailand from Junior officer to Supervisor level by utilizing the media channels which are appropriate to their daily activity. Alacris expands our potential of Recruitment Service to all salary, employment type (Permanent, Contractual, Freelancer). We have general Recruitment service and Mass Recruitment for this level.

Alacris wear the corporate and enterpreneurial hats to understand the specific characters which the clients need in their management. Alacris has the special channels to approach those candidates for clients.

IT and Technical Recruitment

Alacris has the strong background recruiters and port folio to support our clients for Software development full team, IT and other technical and engineering vacancy.